Mystery inscriptions in Decent Champa

Already 116 years since French missionary Léopold Cadière discovered ancient Champa inscriptions written on the cliffs is located deep in the Decent action (Quang Binh province).
To date the letter is still the mystery to scientists in and outside the country. Most recently, on October 11-14/7, a linguistic expert group of far eastern Archaeological School (École Francaise d'Extrême-Orient, France) has Decent action to study the inscriptions written on the Champa stalactite in the cave that 116 years ago Marbles was also discovered by the French.

Ancient Champa letters written on the cliffs in the Decent action.
Ancient Champa letters written on the cliffs in the Decent action.

A Champa? According to the documents of the National Park Phong Nha-Ke Bang, at the end of the year 1899 clergy l. Cadière to Quang Binh province in addition to the authority in the region of the ancient tribe of Jiangxi province and population are also interesting are keen to explore, so he was on Decent action with the purpose of research, survey. Only in a dugout of indigenous people, he had to weave into the Decent action to over 600 m. At the end of that time, he discovered the text and a number of ancient monuments as altars, altar, kiln brick, pottery shards, pieces of glass, the disc … , 12/1899, l. Cadière written letter to the Director of the school of the far East is the Old Uncle Louis Finot, informed about valuable findings in Decent action. The message: "what remains are very precious for historians. Keep it's helpful not less for science ". From the findings of l. Cadière Decent action in that area have written this cave was named Bi Signed as is known today. Until the early 20th century, the Explorer and French scholar, Uk to Decent activity as Barton (1924), Antonie (1928), m. Bouffie (1929), Pavi, Goloubew, Finot. The Group discovered the more icons as Champa relics of stone, Buddha statues, stone, bricks, pottery shards, Champa … With Word 97 Champa wrote on the cliffs in the Decent action, right from the early 20th-century expedition he Pavi-French scholar-that's very hard to read, hard to write back simulations correctly. In the end he only realized a Pavi words and he said that it is "capimala". After this, according to Professor Tran Quoc Vuong, if it is true that the word "capimala", which is the name of a Luohan, the Buddhist's 13th. , 7/1995, through the research and survey the Decent action, Professor Tran Quoc Vuong and his group of collaborators at the Hanoi Institute of archaeology to Decent action signs is an archaeological monument of utmost importance. The traces in the cave shows a Signed Ball can this is a 9-11-century Champa.

1,000 years of age in Style NhaNghiên save epitaph

Far eastern Archaeological schools will study the inscriptions of the Cham there hang in Bi.

Need time to decipher, 3/2008, a research group of scientists VN and Japan has discovered the remains of inscriptions in sanskrit Word format is Decent in collaboration with ancient Champa form. In his study of Buddhism Champa and the location of the land of Quang Binh under Indrapura (9-10 century), Nguyen Huu-mitosis head VIETNAM's national culture and arts in hue-that the new findings of the research group-Japan has revealed much information of interest to clarify more Buddhist relics in the dynamic legacy in jelly nature world. Dr. Thai Nguyen Khac (Quang Binh province) to know decoding the written word of the Champa in the Decent action is quite intractable "because the language has died, or has the language variables, or have the kind of language that is gods when writing for mystery in religion". Through the survey and initial research, Arlo Griffiths Professor of far eastern Archaeological Field said there has yet to be translated are the text that has the content, only confirmed the handwriting in this epitaph is the written word of the Champa. He identified this text was written in the early 11th century (about 1,000 years ago). This is the first time van beers in Decent activity are determined by specific dates, compared with the previous Outlook are the distance from the 9-10 or from the 10-11 century. After the survey, the linguist of the far eastern Archaeological School photographed inscriptions to bring about legal research translated and pledge to transfer the research results to the tourism center of Phong Nha-Ke Bang aims to introduce to visitors.

Many other caves in Champa Bi text signed on 18/7, we revisit the Decent action. Now at the site of ancient texts written on the cliffs, not for tourists to visit anymore because of platforms that collapsed right in the action with a pretty big drop, very dangerous. Mr. Trần Thanh Hien, Marina management staff Decent action, directions for I see more near 10 points with ancient Champa is located deep in the cavity behind the cliffs, stalactites at the right side of the main highway epitaph Word array outside of the cliff. So about the ancient Champa in Decent action, long now you only see a small part of what is in.

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