Detect the linga-yoni in Quang Ngai province

Dimensions 5.5, VH-TT-DL Quang Ngai province held preliminary report an emergency excavation results Pen Mountains Tower located on top of Mount the pen in the Primary Sense, P. Quang Ngai Province.
According to DR. Vu Quoc Hien, Director of VIETNAM's national history museum, who is in charge of the excavation, the relics are the remains of a wall, the tower was almost completely lost. After 1 month of 400 m2 on an area of excavation, archaeologists have discovered 109 artifacts, including terracotta, ceramic material having the enamel, stone and nearly 2000 fragments of artifacts. In particular, material artifacts constitute the largest number of terracotta, mainly tiles to build and decorate the tower. Stone material has a top Naga snake, several decorative corner pieces of the tower.
In particular, scientists have found the linga-yoni large size almost intact (photo). Linga has a diameter of 40 cm, height 43 cm. Yoni 168 cm long, wide 124.4 cm thick 25.5 cm. "This is the linga-yoni in the largest type of Cham culture are found to date," DR. Sudhakar asserted.

News, photo: Cu

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