Four ceramic kiln Ruins discovered 800 years

After nearly a month of excavation of the mound Nine Schools (An Nhon town), Binh Dinh Museum discovered the remains of at least 800 years old pottery kilns in the 4 cultures of Champa.

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Four ceramic ovens old 800 traces discovered at the mound School. Photo: Nail The Count Even.

On 22/1, DR. Ding Evangelist – Director of Binh Dinh Museum-said, through excavation, this unit together experts of the Academy of social science in Vietnam have detected in Nine Schools there remains at least 4 ceramic kilns dating back to the 13th century (the equivalent of approximately 800 years) built a stack of folded up each other.

In this mound, archaeologists also found many cups, plates, bowls, vases, Europe … The pottery mainly monochrome glaze, celadon jade glaze. Architectural artifacts in the oven quite diverse, including large size hook tile, glazed tile. There are two striking pieces of terracotta tile shape bend looks pleased mo 30 cm width cm and a thickness of very rare, materials used to attach on the Imperial Palace, built temples of Champa …

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Tile hook size, type of building materials characteristic of the Champa culture found in the mound School. Photo: Nail the count even.

Nine schools is called the mound area located along the slopes of the river close to the coast, to the East of the father (one of the four ancient Champa) in commune, Nhon loc, An Nhon town. This area is also much ceramic porcelain and enamel piece along the slopes of the river. Ceramic furnace where rectangular and available in a tube furnace Chamber oven type.

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Turquoise Celadon glaze Bowl was found in the ruins of the school. Photo: Nail The Count Even.

After several archaeological excavations, Binh Dinh Museum recorded about six ceramic production center in An Nhon town has three districts go VAP ceramic Porcelain kiln (Nhon Hoa Township), Me (Nhon Township, United States of America) and the Mekong Delta (Nhon Loc Township).

"The pottery kiln discovered hundreds of years old in school Nine times this contributed further evidence confirms the Champa has a long traditional ceramic craft, ever had intercourse with culture, certain contribution into the history of ceramic production in the world," he adds Republic.

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