The world of gods in India-Vishnu

With a sheltered availability and help people, He flat ceiling directly hand out degrees and make lofty mission, Spirit worship with all sincere affection … Hindu people always a honor, respect for God and for God the high title as: Saints of the Holy (Pavitram pavitranam), masters (Marga), truth (Tattva), From (Pita), dear (Suhrid). There are also a lot of the other title.
In the tam (trimurti) Vishnu is worshipped gods do conservation, along with the God Shiva (the destroyer) and the God Brahma (creation). God is the God Vishnu. To learn about the God Vishnu in this article, let's learn the symbolism and the incarnation of God in most Hindu's three kingdoms.
As one of the gods in the Hindu tradition, he was revered as a God in the Vaishnava sects. Vishnu is also viewed as the Supreme soul (Paramatman-the Rigveda: 1.022.20 a), Supreme Creator (Parameshwara) Yajur Veda, in Taittiryia Aranyaka (10-13-1) or is the final Truth. Spirit is considered the Lord of creation, of the past, present and future; is the one who supports, maintains, and tuned the universe. From the Lord of the universe has begun. In the Rigveda, Vishnu is mentioned 93 times. He often referred to together with the other gods, especially Indra, the God of killing Vritra, and help people drink Soma. His distinguishing characteristics in the Vedas is the God light combination. The two Rigvedic hymns in Mandala 7 was dedicated to God Vishnu. Just as the God Indra, Vishnu is seen as gods split separated the heavens and the Earth (Rig Veda 7.99). The iconic thầnVishnu (Iconography) Spirit was drawing with France relatives were sleeping on a snake has thousands of top named Adhi Sesha or Ananta Sesha; with his wife He-goddess Lakshmi-are massaging his left leg. The God Narayana and solid Adhi Sesha are inseparable. Even in the incarnation of Vishnu is Ram and Krishna, the snake Sesha Adhi also Member Lakshman and Balarama to serve the Almighty. In the Puranas, Vishnu is described as the creator of the color of the clouds, holding a Lotus Flower sticks, snail (shankha) and chakras (charka). In the Bhagavad Gita, Vishnu is described as Him having a CSS layouts (Vishvarupa) to feel the limit of human perception. When Krishna reveals himself as Vishnu incarnations to Arjuna, in the glory of the Lord the gods Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva, Vinayagar, Hanumaan, Anjaneyar, Agni along other Bias and lettered with Goddess Lakshmi does ghost photo in his chest. Krishna said that "He is present everywhere. He kept his wife in the chest, to remind people take interest in the family ". Rama, a God of chemistry he also always loyal to Seeta Devi, follow the main road to France, living a meaningful life with them. His four arms are strong and the force present everywhere. The two arms in front of proves Vishnu was present in the material world, while the two rear arm demonstrates Vishnu was present in the spiritual world. Green is the essence of everything everywhere, it is the color of the infinite blue sky as well as the color of the vast ocean which He ruled. On his chest he had impressed srivatsa, symbolizing his wife (the goddess Lakshmi). He wears on his neck the earrings Kaustubha beliefs and ancient Vanamaalaa wreaths. Him wearing a Crown, the symbol of supreme power. The meaning of these widgets come along with Vishnu 1. Shell (Panchajanya) kept Him on the left ear means creativity. Panchajanya was viewed as the beginning of the five elements: Earth, water, fire, air and sky. 2. Wheel (chakra), He must keep on hand, is a sharp weapon, named "Sudarshana". The way determine the truth. This weapon is the Lotus has six wings, power controls all six seasons. 3. Rod Gada (Kaumodaki) He took in the bottom left hand, representing the Divine existence. It represents primitive resources, the starting point of spiritual and physical strength. 4. Lotus (Padma), He holds in his hand to the bottom, showing the liberation or dispersion. The Lotus symbolizes the starting power of the universe. Is the focus of Truth or Satya, the beginning of the code of conduct or France, and knowledge (Gyana) in a single symbol. The symbolic meaning of the objects on show is a compassionate deity Vishnu as pointed out by any general real, everything in the world for species who enjoy the experience. Researchers have pointed out two highlights when the study of God: (i) the God Vishnu is one of the three dark component but all three are a-God (Ishvara). In the Vedas record: "Ekam sat vipra bahudha vadanti" meaning God is known by many different names, but the name is just the echo of A (real). (ii) the God Vishnu is gods of protection other than the God of destruction (Shiva) and the God of creation (Brahma), should he appear to serve to the happiness of others with dozens of reincarnations are outlined in the Bhagavata-Purana. Has shit to do chemistry Matsya fish Vishnu rescued the grandfather of humanity is flood victims escape Manu. He turned into a turtle Kurma to help divine Angel wrecks creatures along their possessions sank under deep water. You do the Varaha boar pulled the land sank into the sea shore up to everything there. He turns into his head Narasimha Sphinx the lion help demon's son escape from the clutches of his father, a monk and. .. The highlight is the Prince Rama, an incarnation of his great, recounted through the great epic Ramayana. Beyond all that, the most important incarnations of Vishnu as Krishna. Once the draw has been a handful of young Krishna ground the foot in mouth. Mother of Krishna Krishna mouth pried open hand rush to grab land, her surprise found in Krishna's mouth turns out silhouette of the whole universe including the Earth, the sky, the stars, the big sea and river mountain with the tsunami leaned up under his breath. Let's find out more about the digital incarnation of Lord Vishnu's incarnation is evidence of evolution being observed. Vishnu incarnation from the fish, turtles, wild boar, half lion, a dwarf, and a perfect person in Parasuram incarnations. In the Ram, incarnation he was a pillar of family. In Krishna, he show his playful nature, power, and wisdom of the divine Bhagvad Gita me when reading. Can say, each incarnation are to leave messages for the world. 1.    Matsya-fish Fish Matsya is the first incarnation of Vishnu, is somewhat on the same Vishnu, under the same fish, has 4 arms with special icons. Matsya help human ancestors is Manu retrieve the Vedas were demons of steal and carry down to the ocean. God has foretold for Manu about accident deluge, recommends closing a boat, then turned into fish guide boat to the shore and began to create a new world. 2.    Spirit turtle Kurma believed that human Sin will increase exponentially, while ethics fade and stop growing. Many people have the will to break the atmosphere of ignorance of this real soon. The human nature destruction because serving the municipality. They become addicted to the substance say. The good and the bad ones are balanced, however, sometimes the number of evil more. And God struck the ceiling to eliminate injustice, his mistake was punished. This is the second incarnation of the ten incarnations of Him. In the Matsya incarnation of the Supreme God Vishnu, will bring France the body of a fish and keep the world from destruction and suppressive ignorance grows. He fought with the Red Monster cards, win back the books Veda of Brahma. Before that, the cards this monster had stolen the books Veda and under water. But he didn't survive the peace. The world was once again faced with suffering. The Chu Thien and Asuras are always in mind. The fight happened, God Demi risk failure. A peace deal was made; the Chu Thien and Asuras churn milk Sea agreed to take the sacred nectar-making giant orange juices. At that point, Vishnu incarnation into a turtle Kurma Avatar, that is, to assist in the mountains. Mandara Dasher Churn thanks and Vasuki, the King of the snakes turn into rope to stir the milk. Then the God Maha Vishnu turned into Mohini-a charming woman-search to the evil Asuras and gods do they mind restless; they should not be drinking nectar. The Divine Celestial nectar drink and become immortal, Truth again back. It is believed that the God Rahu and Ketu has tasted little nectar. Solar and Lunar Eclipse has let Vishnu knows this. With the help of them, Vishnu cut the beginning of Rahu and Ketu, but used the nectar should other parts of the body they are still alive. Then, Rahu and Ketu are paired with the head and the body of a snake. It is believed that during the Eclipse, Rahu and Ketu ate part of the body to the Sun and the moon to revenge. 3.    In Varaha boar-Vishnu rescued Earth from cataclysm. Vishnu incarnate with a body shape, top hogs, four hands. "This is an earthly symbol or right rather than an earthly gods" [the Vedas 3; 59]. After many years, a demon named Hirayaksha again hit the world sink deep into the ocean. The God Narayana comes in the shape of Varaha and save the Earth. Hiranyaksha brother of Hiranyakasipu. He's no different from like-minded brothers deviant mind. He hates Narayana and don't allow anyone to worship of Narayana. However, Prahlad-son-is a Vishnu. Hiranyakasipu warned his son not to worship thầnVishnu. But Prahlad was not listening to his father. Angry that his son doesn't listen, he decided to kill himself. He asks her son: Vishnu at present? Prahlad calmly answered: "He is present everywhere". Frustrated and angry, Hiranyakasipu investigation see Vishnu where and know him in the head inside a stone near his throne. Hiranyakasipu break the columns and Vishnu appeared in the form of half-man half-lion, Narasimha. According to mythology, Varaha was diving down to the ocean floor, using his snout lifted the earth goddess Bkhumi-devi being demon Hiranyaksa submerged into the water, after a thousand-year-long battle with the devil. Thanks to the save the earth goddess, Vishnu becomes people create land for India. Varaha also has the wife as Vishnu but common earth goddess more familiar wife was the goddess Laskmi. In art monuments Varaha is usually carved in four positions: 1. Standing alone, the hands on the thighs; 2. Stood hugged his wife Bkhumi-devi; 3. Sitting on Hat nun of Adisesa solid; 4. Sit on the radio in the Sukkh posture-asana with Bkhumi-devi or Laskmi on the thigh. 4.    Vamana won Maha in Bali. In the next incarnation, Vishnu as Vamana, France has a Ba-la-dwarf subjects. King Maha, Bali is a good person. However, the guy is an Asuran, always have bad attitudes for Chu and want to win them. To achieve a position in the sky, he performed Ashwamedha Yagam. Maha Ashwamedha Yagam made Bali and alms property for the Brahmin and the poor. Vishnu disguised as a Brahmin called Vamana, and claim the bike up the top three. Maha view often dwarf guy, but also agreed to make little request. Sukracharaya-master of him-hiding in the water remind the other dwarf guy, no one else is Vishnu, who seek to try the crush of humble guy. Sukracharaya into insects and climb into the tap to hint of the pupils, but Maha Bali forgot to stir when holding the jar containing the water instead of the empty jar. The water in the jar were poured out, Sukracharya turned into bees to prevent water flowing out, but the "dharbai" use of Vamana to empty, and Sukracharya wounded in the eye. Once dedicated to Maha alms from Bali, Vamana for guys see many her true form. Extend his guy and keep one foot on Earth and a step on the Sun. Bali knows that guy is beyond the ego and recommend rituals Tuesday. In this incarnation Vishnu shows he is the strongest and Supreme. This is the first incarnation of Vishnu and created brilliant victory when defeating the demon name Bali tyranny are ruled all three realms. Vishnu was commissioned about bring a Shorty, disguised as a farmer to beg the King Bali for a land with three steps. Bali agree, Vamana suddenly reaching into Giants, step 3 step off all three realms of the universe: the World-Heaven-Hell. However, by the nature of Bali is not an evil King should have paid him Vishnu on United Kingdom Patalena-a longer, more fantastic realms of heaven. With this spirit Vishnu is also called the "Conqueror of the universe by using the 3 step" (Trivikrama) and images of the feet also become a familiar icon of the God Vishnu. At the same time also shows selfless personality, of this deity. 5.    The Sphinx Sphinx Narasimha Narasimha incarnation of Vishnu, is aimed to destroy the demon king Hiranyakasipu arrogant (Devil's brother Hiranyaksa) specializes in spread disaster for the world. No one can destroy it, whether human or divine, regardless of the day or night as it was Brahma. Vishnu was ruse to trick was the King of the demons out of the Castle and appears below the shape of Sphinx Narasimha, RIP King of demons to pieces. With this incarnation, Vishnu is often embody with imagery of the body of a lion. With goofy, Sphinx have from 4 to 16, hand 2 hand on the folded elbows back, lift straight up high and help the normal icons, 2 under by the Foundation. But sometimes Narasimha seated on the radio in the posture of thinking, 2 legs SAG or bend down, 2 knit fingers at each other over hand under the Chin, on the other hand with the finger nail has 2 jam up, fold the elbows and lift straight up. The hat and all the jewelry of the Sphinx is the same of Vishnu. 6.    Parashu Rama-Rama holding an axe with a man whose beard, 2 handles and holding war axe (parasu), Vishnu was born as a theory is also a warrior. Parashurama on behalf of the gods to restore order in society, avoiding the professional rights of the Kshatriya Warrior class at the time and return the advantages for women for the Brahman class that in order for the theory to govern, then the world would be fair and peaceful. Parashurama was 21 times to destroy the Warrior Kshatriya to regain supremacy for the Brahma caste. God this area probably appear quite late, around the beginning of the I century BC with the use of high class Italian Brahman, lower the role of the Samurai class, Kshatriya caste system in Varna. Thus, currently, Parashurama was the followers of Brahman worshipped mainly in South India. 7.    Rama Chandra Chandra means Moon, Moon light or Rama Rama tenderness, in contrast with the warlike Parashu Rama guy. But in his sixth incarnation Rama guy holding the axe also Rama in the seventh incarnation this ruling makes the symbolic objects. This is the incarnation of Vishnu, the most mundane world down to Earth with the intent to destroy the demon Ravana and its retainers to the rescue for her beautiful Sita. The spirit of this area became the story of the Ramayana epic. In the art of Indian statues, goofy Rama is depicted as a soldier, with a large bow and arrow, mữi canister top Crown just like Vishnu, often standing next to her is beautiful wife Sita and his brother devotedly is Laksman, sometimes with both guy's loyal ally is monkey Hanuman. 8.    Krisna spirit is a very important and very incarnations of the famous Vishnu beneath a heroic figure, is told in Bhagabatapurana, Harivamsa and the story is told in the epic Mahabharata. According to Hindu Mythology, Krisna so beloved of the gods of India. Some who follow Church factions that Krisna Krisna is not the incarnation of Vishnu which is Vishnu. But perhaps because of Vishnu was born from a mother should be viewed as an earthly incarnation, i.e. a man with worldly appearance, the body of flesh and blood people but the soul of the gods. 9.    Lord Budda (Buddha) Vishnu incarnation into Prince Sakyamuni-a real character in the history of India and is the founder of Buddhism. Centuries passed after his death, this history faces from real life step into Indian mythology after Buddhism is no longer considered a threat to the Catholic Hinđu. The Buddha is recognized as the ninth incarnation of Vishnu and worshipped in the formal system of Indian gods. 10.    Kalkin horse this is the final incarnation of the God Vishnu. According to Indian mythology, at the end of a cycle of the universe, Vishnu will return to the world, riding on a white horse along with his brilliant sword to destroy the demon and the evil human remains before the world was reset. In the art of goofy little symbols meet Kalkin's picture but picture a winged horse is sometimes also considered to be the symbol of culture. Can affirm that, besides the meaning of history, the incarnation of the God Vishnu carries important meaning in the life of spiritual beliefs of Hindus. Later also comes to many times over Christmas, up to 22 times or even infinite number of times. Many other characters in Indian mythology as well as the incarnation of Vishnu or allegorical ways of God as the God of the first human-Purusha; NARA, Narada or Narayana is the name of the Sage, the famous spiritual leader of Hindus. He also manifested under the beautiful figure such as: Kama-Cupid, Varadaradza-the great benefactor, or God Vaikhuntkha. Sometimes when Vishnu appeared as a God of Medicine of India under the shape of a beautiful woman hand carrying the potions. Today, when spiritual life became more abundant then the depiction of him not only for the Indians of the Hindu Vaishnava sects follow that it was beyond the scope of a country. Icons of God not only manifested in sculptures, architectural temples which at all in the literature. In the Ramayana epic with 24,000 verses (sloka) with Vishnu incarnations do Prince Rama became the literature has an important position in the cultural life of many peoples. Rama's wife Sita (i.e. flower beds), were taking power the right to the throne must be gotten out into the forest to live isolated for 14 years, faced with the demon Ravana, spent much of the carpet and the big lesson to humanity. The songs on the banks of the Ganges River on the incarnation of the God Vishnu has had intense force beyond space and time, not what goes into the millions of Indian people's heart but also on all of the millions of people in Asia, in Tibetan, Mongolian, and most are in the Southeast Asian nation. In Laos, in Cambodia, in Indonesia, in Thailand, in Cham and in Vietnam.

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