Ancient wells in shallow water not more than 1,000 Inhabited

The older wells 1,000 years of age was built next to the tower to take Qiang (Quang Nam) to serve the worship of the people of Champa had just revealed.

10/4 afternoon, Mr. Phan Van Cam, Director of the Center for management of monuments and sightseeings of Quang Nam, said the unit had completed the work of excavation and radiocarbon dating of ancient wells of Champa in Tan Chun 1 (The Mountain district, Quang Nam). According to him, the old wells located near the location of the tower to take Qiang America and dating from the end of the tenth century. structured Fields squares, 1.3 m and each side has a depth of nearly 15 m. The well is covered by many layers of old brick-lined floor.

LG co Champa hon 1,000 nam khong can nuoc British Michael 1
More than 1,000 ancient wells picture in years in the first days of the new reveal. Photo:. X.

The heads Central Quang Nam heritage management for or, one year ago (2016), protect relics discovered wells were buried underground. However, at that time the land where ancient wells located in the campus are a business renting back should the work of excavation, construction stalled. "The special Thing in that whatever is built in a high mound but very well water in, cool and never exhaust the water regardless of the hot sunny weather forecast would come again," said Cam said. According to him, this is the old well was built at the same time with the tower to take Qiang America aims to get water for the worship, spirituality of the ancient Champa. Currently the Center manage monuments and sightseeings of Quang Nam and coordinated the experts continued to study and to promote the conservation of the heritage value of the Champa in the South Square.

LG co Champa hon 1,000 nam khong can nuoc Xin anh 2
Tower Health Qiang (district of The Mountain), where the ancient wells discovered more than 1,000 years old. Graphics: Heavenly mountain.


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