A story about the God Ganesha

The legend of the ancient Indian mythology tells of the birth of the God Ganesha has elephant head, himself, is God bring happiness and luck: Ganesha is the son the God Shiva (the God of destruction), Shiva's wife Parvati wanted to have a child to kiss all over the face of it, when to say it pull her shirt Shiva, Parvati and use the fabric of her shirt to create a child and then said: "well, let's get her son the philosopher and kiss it as you like". When the piece of cloth have the shape of the chest touches the baby, the baby became so vividly, as at the child become more agile and more swinging. Then she used two hands to Lotus ve baby paws. While the fed, the Lotus Bloom baby's face a smile, baby, mother and her eyes look direction kissing all over the face of the child.

The God Shiva Parvati (Uma)

The birth of the God Ganesha from a piece of cloth is a miracle by God the father (Shiva) the Broadcasting Board, so that the child does not live long in a very short time, a fresh security death will come with the ill-fated child, and soon after beginning the child fell to the ground. Parvati excruciatingly painful. Her son sobbed and embraced weeping. Her unceasing screamed: "baby, baby". Staggering, Shiva took his head and gently told her, Goddess please stop sorrows, I will give her child back to life. Shiva recommend she be pieced together this head between two child role. Goddess Parvati follow my husband, but mismatched head firmly. When it has a voice from the heavens resound: "this Lord Shiva, head of the son he was born with an injury caused by planet of the guys still self created, so it can not survive with head, place a head of someone up two shoulder it and make it live again and, because the baby son are destined to the North, be brought to a head by someone is oriented North and pieced together for the baby ". Upon hearing the voice of God, the God Shiva called Nandin (1) come and give it to that task.

Bulls spirit Nandin

Nandin wandering all over the universe and then three Amaravati where elephants, Airavata was sighted by Indra with his head towards the North. A fight between Nandin (Shiva's servant) and the elephant, army of Indra. Finally, the powerful Nandin was the winner the elephant Airavata was put on for Lord Shiva, Shiva is pleased to embrace Nandin and set up between the two elephant-headed shoulders of his son. Once the elephant head in place, the child became very lively. Gods of slightly stubby, abdominal phệ, with the face of King-elephant, bright as the Moon and Red au as Commission. I have four arms, three beautiful God's eyes sparkle in the presence of Shiva.

God Ganesha (standing)

All the gods are to look at child of Shiva with the King-elephant brings bodes. Then Brahma (the God of creation) and the other gods Holy anointing for the baby, Brahma set for it as "Belly phệ". Beautiful baby light may shine among the gods and so they said, "let the baby King of the gods and is worshipped before all the gods". Then Saraswati (2) given the boy a pen and ink colored vases, Brahma for a rosaries; Indra (God of Thunder) give it a sharp sticks to end elephant; Padmavati (3) give it a shower and Shiva give it a skin of Tiger; Brhaspati (4) give it a sacred thread, the goddess of the land for it a mouse drag the chariot … Thus, the spirit promoted Ganesha is the God of the armies of the leader of the gods, but not, God Ganesha not to worldly conversation, God became a Taoist Yoga, philanthropist, banphát blessings for everyone.

All the gods are praised Ganesha: "Dear God Shiva, because his son appearance stout should be called the God of phệ belly (Lambodara), just think of his son's who create obstacles feel fear, let his children be called Lord of obstacles (Vighnesa) was the God of whisked all the obstacles. Gods are honored as sacred spirit, luck and happiness.

From then on, anyone whether traveling or doing a project, remember to pray Ganesha, the results will be as expected, sand the wall for every prayer. The Hindu worship commonly some sacrifice before Ganesha each when starting a business, even asking his wife. Ganesha also is a God of wisdom, wisdom, people delete all hindrances, is not only the most cherished by the people of India but also of the Cham, Thai, Khơmer …

The Museum of Cham sculpture is currently hosted on 2000 's the art of sculpture, including the three gods Ganesha: a statue in standing and in sitting posture statue, two are sculpted from sandstone material. Currently there are two statues are on display in the room my son is two special works attracted the attention of visitors. Coming to the Museum of Cham sculpture in Da Nang, visitors enjoy the beauty in the art of Champa sculpture in General that looking forward once was touching my forehead or ivory, aspired to meet much luck, happiness and success in all your work.

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